SIP Trunk / SIP Trunking / SIP platform / SIP Server

CTS setup SIP platform since 2007, we provider SIP related service

We provider 2 type SIP connections to use CTS SIP trunk

  • Pure SIP

    ITSP provider lines and numbers

    No need hardware, CTS partner provider SIP line to end user with internet

  • Analogy to SIP

    User prepare phone line self

    User apply the analogy line from china Unicom OR china telecom, CTS provider Gateway, then connect line to SIP

SIP Business Partner

Pure SIP

Analogy to SIP

SIP Connection SIP account + password registered
IP to IP binding
Bill Charged by CTS Telecom provider
SIP service fee included CTS charge port fee
Call rates Low rate with china and oversea Standard fee in china
Apply China SIP line Limited by china law,only part of city can apply Any china city can apply
Apply oversea SIP line 40 country with 3000 city can apply Any city in world can apply
CTS China VOIP Consulting

Focus helping customer using VOIP phone system in china

CTS China VOIP Consulting

CTS China VOIP Consulting

China Shanghai Local, China Beijing Local, Support China Mainland

Room 215 Building 4,Focus Innovation Park ,No. 3599 Yuanjiang Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

Shanghai, China , 200000

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